In the fast-paced world that we live in, the concept of marriage to some seems outdated, some hold on to the sanctity of the relationship while there are still some others who’re open to experimenting to see if marriage is really something they would want to make a part of their lives.

Successful and stable relationships are the foundation basis which individuals build their life and it has a far-reaching impact on both personal and professional lives. All relationships go through a cycle of their own and every now and then it is essential to re-evaluate it, re-assess our understanding of the changing relationship and based on current realities give it a fresh dose of life.

Pottsandpan was founded to reach out to individuals and couples who are keen to understand the concept of marriage, explore their role in a relationship and wanting to build a life of togetherness, love, trust and health.

There are no religious connotations. It is open to working with any couple who would proactively want to create a strong bond with each other.

Marriage Preparation Course

A marriage is much more than a wedding. In the run-up to marriage, couples often get swept away in the excitement of planning for their big day. However, it’s essential to discuss and understand each other’s expectations for a life together. The marriage preparation course offers couples an opportunity to focus on the core elements of a marital relationship, explore their individual relationship, understand how things are between them and jointly build strategies to address areas of their relationship that might need some attention. For more information

Counselling Services

Relationship (or couples) counselling services are aimed to help couples (married or not) to understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. It provides them with the tools to communicate better, negotiate their differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way. For more information