“When pots and pans are kept together, they invariably make a noise.”

~ Common Bengali Saying


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Marriage is so much more than a wedding. It’s a commitment that needs as much nurturing as care.
A ‘good’ marriage reflects individual experiences and perspectives.
Each marriage is unique as there are two unique people joining together with the intention to make it work.

Pottsandpan is an attempt to highlight the different facets of marital life.

Reflections are experiential explanations of marriage and interpersonal relationships as it is. They not only reflect my personal experiences but also that of close friends and family. I believe that explanations based on true experiences mostly make sense and helps people identity with those realities better.


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Marriage is an experience where everyone has their own set of rules. Let’s Face It! aims to unravel some of those rules and share interesting people’s opinion, views and attitudes towards this institution and their perspective on interpersonal relationships. It’s an attempt to emphasize that ‘you’ are responsible for making your relationship work. How you do it is what  makes that difference.


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General includes articles that provide generic advice and information about ways to deal with interpersonal relationships and marriage. Sometimes we fail to view alternatives or explore options because we feel stuck within our present realities. The availability of a set of commonly used tips and tricks ensures that helps is always near at hand.


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If Earning Money Would Bring Her Self-Respect, Then Why Wasn’t She Doing It?

As the door slammed shut, Arti slumped on the floor. Feeling defeated, she wept bitterly. Moksh’s voice echoed in her ears. “Buying a flat now is out of the question! How can you even think of it? Who will pay the down payment and EMI? It’s not like you’re working ...
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Dining with love

Beyond love, what is necessary to make a house a home?

One of the biggest challenges of a relationship is transforming a house into a home. Home is defined as the place where one lives, especially as a member of a family or household. But a home is much more than just a place to live in! It’s where you run ...
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That Elusive Hug

Often, there are moments in life when all you really need is a ‘hug,’ not diamond earrings or the latest smartphone or a holiday or birthday bash. That tight hug which says “I love you…I won’t let you go…you matter…you’re the best thing to happen to me…I’m lost without you… ...
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